• Trading style – how to choose the best one?

  • Posted on November 19, 2018
  • Seasoned traders already have their own trading style. However, they too have spent so much time deciding what trading style to choose. If you are a novice trader, you surely have a lot of questions in mind and one of those is how to choose the best trading style. There are various trading styles to choose from and each requires a varying degree of involvement including the holding period and risk tolerance. Some of the commonly used trading styles are as follows:

    1. Scalping – This trading style focuses on small price movements with larger position sizes. The holding period is small. It is perfect for highly active intra-day traders. It does have some risks and so it is important to have discipline and quick reflexes. Know when to trade and know when to stop.
    2. Momentum – This particular trading style follows newsfeeds and scanner to check for the most active stocks to trade at a particular time. For you to profit from this trading style, you need to have a degree of tolerance to risk and most importantly, you need to have the discipline.
    3. Swing trading – With this strategy, you need to hold positions for some time for the pattern to play out. It is more of a passive trading style when compared to scalping. This trading style is perfect for those who have the patience to wait. If you are the impulsive type, then this strategy is not right for you.
    4. Position trading – This trading style has a longer holding period when compared to the ones mentioned above. The waiting period could extend from weeks to years, which makes it perfect for passive investors.
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